Dresses for A Cause

Dresses for A Cause

When Unicorn Moms get together, great things happen.

I created Unicorn Moms with the intention to meet like-minded moms around me and build a community where we would focus on lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. As our little group has grown over the months, we’ve had countless uplifting testimonials of UMs helping each other to realize how truly beautiful they are.

With this event, we teamed up with The Prom Dress Project to help the Unicorn Moms of the future. The Prom Dress Project collects donated dresses, shoes and more and gives them to girls in Ventura County for free so they can go to Prom looking as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

The Unicorn Moms really stepped up and gave back. Our goal was 100 dresses, and we ended up collecting 220! We love that we can give girls the chance to look fabulous for their Prom.

Prom Dress Donations Prom Dress Donations

Thank you to all who donated dresses, shoes and accessories to this amazing organization. Thank you to Nancy Rodriguez for all that you do for these young girls. Thank you to Zin Bistro in Westlake Village, CA for hosting our event.  We love giving back and will continue to do so. #UnicornMomsGiveBack #UMStrong

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