Mom Groups Calendar of Events

Mom Groups Calendar of Events

January - April: TAX RETURNS - commence the complaining and/or bragging.

May: MOTHER’S DAY - complaining about what you did or did not receive from your SO, and how he better not be getting your monster in law something better.

June: FATHER’S DAY - “my BD ain’t shit, I should be celebrated for Father’s Day instead.”

July - August: SUMMER BOD - commence the Keto and phentermine posts to get a quick fix on a last-minute beach bod - reference the search bar.

September: BACK 2 SCHOOL - complain about the supply list for school while teachers typically spend more of their own money on classroom supplies anyway.

October - November: HOLIDAY PREP - complain about all in-laws, or boast about all in-laws... either way, a precursor to family visiting for the holidays.

December: CHRISTMAS - complain about what you did or didn’t get from your SO, while also asking for help from fellow moms to make sure your kids have presents to open Christmas morning.

IF WE HAVE LEARNED ANYTHING being in a group full of empowering badass mamas, I’d say we should try to save that tax return, buy yourself a Valentine’s gift if that’s what you need, don’t be petty and get your BD a Father’s Day gift... for the kids’ sake... invest in the people who have your children a big chunk of the day (teachers), and prepare at the beginning of the year for the holidays at the end of the year.

- Natasha Crawford

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