A lot of moms struggle with the day-to-day mom life. Whether you’re dealing with diapers and tears or hormones and, well… tears, it’s not an easy job.

After giving birth to my first son, a lot of friendships fell by the wayside. My priorities completely shifted to this tiny human and trying to keep him alive, happy and healthy. My children are my life, and I absolutely wouldn’t trade these handsome young men for anything in the world! But when I started to get more comfortable with all of this parenting business, I started to long for more social interaction with moms like me.

Unicorn Moms has filled that void for me. It's a sisterhood of moms just like me. Moms with insecurities (yes I have a lot of those); moms that don't care what other people think; moms who can laugh at themselves and with each other; moms that second-guess themselves; moms who are hard-working; moms that have the strength to kick cancers ass; moms that like to feel adventurous and sexy; moms who are dedicated to raising their children and live their lives to the fullest.

I wanted this group to be more than just a place where you hide behind your computer or phone and chat. I wanted to meet these amazing moms. This is why I love having these events. They give us something to look forward to and give us that escape from our day to day. This is good for our soul and our sanity.

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