Why “Unicorn”?

Why “Unicorn”?

We all know what a unicorn looks like (note: here's a picture if you don’t know what a unicorn looks like). But just as beauty is only skin deep, it’s what the unicorn stands for that really matters.

In the Middle Ages, they were described as wild woodland creatures; symbols of purity and grace, which could only be captured by a virgin (good luck fellas!). A unicorn’s horn was said to have the power to purify poisoned water and heal sickness.

So let’s break it down… a unicorn is:

Wild - Are UMs wild? Hell yeah! Not every second of every day… but we definitely know how to let loose with our girls after hectic week.

Pure - While we may not be pure in the biblical sense, our intentions at least are. We may have dirty minds, but UMs have pure hearts.

Grace - Obviously! We grace our kids with our presence every day!

The Virgin Part - OK… obviously this doesn’t hold true across the board, but you show me one virgin that ever actually caught a unicorn!

Healing - Just because we’re wild, doesn’t mean we don’t know what’s important. We were born to protect and heal our children; mending broken hearts with hugs; healing wounds with bandaids and kisses; and drying tears with tissues and laughter.

If it takes a village to raise a child, it might as well be a village of Unicorn Moms. We’re not perfect… and we’re perfectly fine with that. But we’re strong, fun and amazing ladies. Oh yeah… and we’re both pretty damn majestic too!

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