Dilf September 2017

Mr. November 2017


"This handsome DILF of mine stepped up to be my son’s dad when the bio stepped out. He came into his life at 9 months old and took on the role as Dad, not just to a baby who wasn’t his, but a baby with major heart complications who is now a pediatric stroke survivor. He shows us love and support and not only that but works well with his hands in all ways! 😉 A dirt bike rider, electrician and mechanic! He’s 27 years old with a heart of Gold and is crazy enough to stay with my sarcastic foul mouth crazy ass. We are expecting another little boy come this February and I can’t wait to reproduce with that fine of a man! I couldn’t be more grateful to have the best looking man by my side. I mean I get Mr. November to come home to each night...ohhhh heyyy!! "

- Meggan -

Dirt bikes? He looks like a man who knows how to rev an engine!

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