Dilf April 2018

Mr. April 2018


"While in the middle of renovating our home, and only being home on the weekends due to work, he still finds time to do all the things he loves. He is an avid fisherman. He participates in numerous national and state tournaments for Bass fishing. He enjoys taking his two boys fishing and hunting in any spare time. At night, he loves sitting in the backyard socializing with an amazing group of friends and family, winding down with a few beers and good music. He never misses a beat when it comes to entertaining. From being happy and silly with his family, to slow dancing on the porch under the stars with his wife. He is a gentleman, the hardest worker, and the most dedicated and patient father. And still, manages to get on his wife's last nerve from time to time. #thewholepackage "

- Jordan -

Slow dancing under the stars? This man can hunt me down anytime.

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