Dilf May 2018

Mr. May 2018


"My sexy surfer is 27 years old and he has been the calm to my crazy for over 5 years. Daddy to a three year old boy, but would love for his future to include twin baby girls. If there’s one word to describe Austin it’s patient, surfers have to know how to wait for the perfect wave! He works on the production team making surf boards for a large surf company. When he’s not at work, you can find him tandem surfing with our little grom at his favorite beach in Santa Barbara, Ca. When the surf is flat he is busy cooking new recipes, keeping up with the laundry, working on home projects, and most importantly; doing the dreaded bedtime routine. He enjoys long showers, listening to electro-jazz, collecting surfboards, drinking craft beer, and making others laugh. If it were up to Austin shoes and shirts should be optional on all occasion."

- Tarah -

Um... can I borrow a wetsuit?

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