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    Can this be asked anonymously?

    If you were in a marriage with someone who financially spoiled you, treated you like a Queen but was never intimate with you (and when they were it was boring sex) but you loved them and considered them your bff, would you stay?

    If I leave I will have to work two jobs to care for my kids...but I'm so lonely if I stay. There's more to love than sex, right?

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    I seriously feel like being alone for the rest of my damn life. been holding a man down for 5 years through everything and he finally gets on his feet and thinks it is ok to just act any ol way like my feelings don't matter. We will see in the long run cause your Facebook diary and Fake portrayal of your life and all the hoes you have on there will im sure keep you warm at night and feed you when your hungrry and make sure you don't end up living on the streets. feel so hurt and to top it all off i am not a sharer of stuff i keep it all inside, so i share how it makes me feel and have the shit twisted and turned at me to deflect from his ass nope, i got this and ill call your bluff leave with the pot, as you watch me walk away smiling!!!

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    I can't wait for my kids to go to sleep at night so hubby can fuck the life out of me. I'm betty homemaker by day and pretty women slut at night. This is why we are ten years strong

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    My sister pisses me off... she's so cheap. My mom (that's starting over) gave my sister $20 to go to Costco and buy her paper towels and dishwasher detergent. It exceeded the $20, so my sister is going to take paper towels out of the case, so to charge our MOTHER! Really?? U couldn't just chalk up the 3 extra dollars?!? I mean, she did raise u... ?

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    I don't want to be married. I don't want relationships. I just want casual good times with a new man every now and again. Why does everyone think this is a reason to try and "fix" me !? I'm not broken. I have never had a horrible experience that left me damaged. I just never enjoyed being in relationships. I find it tedious and too constraining. That probably makes me selfish but I don't care. I just am so tired of people treating me like there's something wrong with me.

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    If I had a job I would divorce my husband. I can’t do this marriage thing anymore. I’ve been a SAHM for too long. I feel useless.

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    I want to slap Kathy from the PTA so bad. She's controlling, manipulative and thinks everyone is beneath her.

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    So I have been with my boyfriend for 9 years and he is 10 years older than me. He's been married 2 times. Both his ex wife's he married after knowing them for2 weeks. I am his longest relationship. Now his last wife just finalized their divorce in February.

    I have been through so much with this man and I want to be his wife. But I don't think he wants it. 9 years I've been with him. What do I do? What do I say? I don't feel worthy of it but I have been through hell with this man. Do I give up? Do I just accept that I'm his longest relationship?

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