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    Heading on spring break vacation with my kids, my husband got the worse spray tan ever. I can’t even look at him. Every vacation we go on he does it, it looks so stupid. I beg him not to do it but he says he likes the way it looks. I am so pissed, why doesn’t he listen to me.

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    I’m in love with my ex from 6years ago! We had an amazing relationship but I was stupid and we broke up and now I’m married to someone else and just want to run from this marriage back into my exs arms! Ugh what to do??

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    Haven’t had sex with my husband for going on four months. I am not at all attracted to him it’s like I have to force myself to have sex. I feel terrible for not pleasing him but I’m just done. I idea what I should do at this point since he’s a great dad. He bugs the everliving fucking daylight out of me!! feel like we would make better friends than lovers but I don’t want to break his heart and tear my family apart. But I’m just not happy and I started out too young. I’d rather be alone with my kids

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    I’ve been with my SO for 17 yrs. he’s the only guy I’ve ever slept with. After doing some research on sexual orientations, I think I’m asexual. I’ve never really enjoyed sex or looked at someone and thought, “wow. I’d love to fuck them!” My thoughts run along, “hmmmm. I wonder if they like to cuddle on the couch. Or relax together watching a movie. Or go for a walk.” He thinks I’m not attracted to him but really I’m not attracted to anyone.

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    Sometimes (well a lot of times) I wanna tell the other line moms to shut the fuck up. Can’t we just stand in peace and quiet? Gawd shut up already. And ok if you’re gonan have a convo can’t you keep your ass quiet?? ??

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    If your husband was sexting other woman would you let him stay, or kick him the F out?

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    These ladies who complain about their “fiancés,” bug the shit out of me. Do not marry them!! Jesus, one week you complain how terrible they treat you, then the next week you are in love again. Fuck! End the goddamn cycle.

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    Can this be asked anonymously?

    If you were in a marriage with someone who financially spoiled you, treated you like a Queen but was never intimate with you (and when they were it was boring sex) but you loved them and considered them your bff, would you stay?

    If I leave I will have to work two jobs to care for my kids...but I'm so lonely if I stay. There's more to love than sex, right?

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