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    How do I go about telling my husband I want an open relationship..... we been together for 5 years

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    So i have been seeing this guy who i have known and liked for years..... Like 8 long years.... I did something horrible, but not so horrible tonight... We slept together and he is married. I didn't plan on it but things happened and one thing led to another... He is in a horrible marriage and only sticks around for the kids. For fucks sake they havent had sex in months... We both like eachother but I dont see him ever leaving her... What makes it worse is his wife swings on both sides of the fence and likes me.... Shit just got REALLY awkward.....

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    Why is shower head sex so goood!!? And how can I have husband sex feel that amazing?? ?

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    So last night I got a message from an old friend saying he wanted to hangout. Well our hangouts are never really hangouts lmfao I have a damn battle wound on my shoulder blade from the tree I was pinned up against? lets just say this might turn into an every night thing again?

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    My ex husband cheated on me and divorced me and now lives with that same girl. She has no kids and is much younger. When my kids tell me how she tries to parent them it makes me so angry. They also try to claim they are very Christian

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    My husband is depressed and it's become such a heavy thing for me. I don't want to start resenting him, but he seems less focused on finding help and that annoys me. I'm hopeful it will work out, though. I think it will. But right now, sort of annoyed. lol

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    So I'm not sure I am posting this in the right place but I'd love the opinions of the ladies on the facebook group. I am in a relationship with someone, and have been close to 4 years. The father of 2 of my 3 children has been in prison for the past 7 years. He is getting out in a few days. I have never really been happy in my current relationship. We live together but my boyfriend is a narcissistic selfish asshole a lot of the time. Our relationship has had issues since the beginning. I have told him I wanted to break up several times but he tells me I will have to evict him and pretty much makes it difficult to do. Sooooo I keep going in the relationship. I love his kids and he has been around my kids who have not had their dad.

    So back to their dad. He was a really good dad to our then 2 year old and was always good to me in our marriage. He got hurt at work and ended up having several back surgeries. He got hooked on pain pills and would not get off so I kicked him out. He fell into this depression and ended up getting on meth. He was not on it very long when he and some other people got pulled over in a car with 29 grams. He then went to federal prison and has been there for a little over 7 years. I have talked to him off and on the entire time he has been in there. I used to go take our kids to visit him and would always feel things for him when I was there. I would see my kids with him and would always think about getting back with him when he got out

    Now the day is finally here. I have so many feelings going through my head. I want to end my current relationship and be there for my kids father. I have never stopped loving him. It scares me that he will more than likely be institutionalized but I know he still has the same good heart that he always did. He has never stopped trying to have a relationship with me or our kids. I know he will never do any stupid shit again. He learned his lesson. What do I do?

    Also, my family hates him because he left me all those years ago and made the mistake that he did. I know he needs to get his life together. Is it wrong that I want to be part of it more than anything? I feel like we never had any closure. My kids have never really had a dad and omg this is just so hard for me. Help!

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    My son won a VR headset. I used it to watch some VR porn the other day....it was unreal :p

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